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Mum's Coconut Haystacks

 Mum's Coconut Haystacks
I used to run another website for The Blaydon Writers and some time ago, I received an email from Margaret, an expat, who despite living in Australia since the age of twelve still has fond memories of the Northeast. She was asking for the recipe for coconut haystacks. I sent her a very good recipe supplied by Stella. However at the time it struck me that it wasn’t the same as the one my mother used. So on my next visit I asked my Mum for her version. She wrote it out for me on the back of an old envelope, I put it in my pocket, promptly forgot all about it and only found it this week
So, better late than never, here is mum’s recipe.
Copyright © Fred Watson
Coconut haystacks
1 large egg
4 oz Caster sugar
 ½ lb Desiccated Coconut
Beat eggs and sugar until thick and creamy,
mix in coconut; it is quite a dry mixture.
Use an eggcup to shape the mixture into haystacks and turn them onto a greased baking sheet
cook in a moderate oven for 15 minutes.
Aprox: 15 haystacks.
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